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How it works

Motivational Creators

As creators you create a series of pre-recorded audio messages called "journeys", to which people subscribe, and receive each message sequentially one a day - until the end of the journey.

Each journey will consist of at least 7 messages (a 7-day journey), and at most 31 messages. And they will focus on one topic or motivation, inspiration, affirmation, or anything else you want it to be about.

You can determine a fee for each created journey which the subscribers will have to pay in order to get the messages of that journey.

For more on what kind of audio can be monetized please read our terms.


Inspiration and motivation are emotional states, and they need to be continually affirmed. If you are in a rut or a negative state of mind, you are experiencing a cycle of negative thoughts.

It is proven that voice has power and carries energy. Motivation cannot be transfered via text or email, it needs the imact and energy of a person's voice.

Here you can subscribe to different journeys like motivation, inspiration, dealing with anxiety, and much more and start receiving these motivational voice messages instantly.