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Content Creators are king!

Getting on Morning Msg is a great way to communicate with your audience, build trust, and familiarity with your brand.

We're a platform for awesome inspirational and motivational speakers and coaches to reach more people and have a greater impact on their audience. This platform allows you to create a journey (a series of short voice notes), subscribers will get them sequentially sent to their WhatsApp every morning.

You can create multiple impactful customer journeys, and create a revenue stream for yourself. You can explore topics such as motivation, inspiration, business mindset, health, and focus, or anything else that fits this structure.
You can see sample messages here.

Brand Presence

This gives you the ability to be present and top of mind to all of your subscribers by being the first thing they listen to in the morning. Even before they open youtube, you're there. The bond created with your subscriber is stronger than any other medium.

Direct Revenue Streams

In the world where most content is monetized by ad revenue, this platform gives you a chance to monetize original content for a fee directly, which can be quite substantial at scale. Just the same way people pay for curated, professionally produced content on Udemy or Teachable, even though there are tons of content free on youtube.
Unlike other platforms, we allow you to recommend your other content at the end of the client journey, this is sent to the user via a WhatsApp msg with a link, so they can always refer back to it. This puts more power in your hands.

A New Delivery Channel

It is an entirely new way of reaching your customer base, which compliments your own channels. However, instead of being something that people listen to when they go on Youtube or another platform, it is essentially delivered to them, in the morning, at a time of their choosing. So it's more push than pull of content.