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A better start to your day

We will send you an audio message of motivation every morning via WhatsApp. No need to download anything!

Every journey is a series of short audio messages, you will get one each morning to motivate you, and make your day better.

Do you love the empower people to live their lives to the fullest potential?

Are you obsessed with everything related to motivation, inspiration, mindset, health and wellness? Do you wake up full of motivation in the morning and want others to feel the same as you do?!

Talk to us about how to create your own motivational journey, reach new people and have a greater impact on your audience.

We would love to have you on the Morning Msg platform!

Our Story

During Covid lockdowns I was starting to get pretty down on myself, especially as the weather was getting colder. The daily routine of staying inside, job insecurity, and not being able to meet people like normal was taking a persistent toll.

Until one day I was speaking to my brother and told him about how bad I was feeling, and instead of sympathizing and sharing my pity, he was harsh and told me No one is gonna come save you, the only person to get you out of the rut is YOU.

I started to get a hint of motivation, a little glimmer of light, and these continued as a series of voice messages from him to me, almost daily. With every message I felt the push, "Go for a run today", "Go a little longer than the previous day", "Don't listen to the inner voice that says you can't do it!"

These daily messages helped a lot, and then the motivation kept going. I loved it! I kept going for runs, going longer, and feeling better about myself. This was a lifesaver for me and I know other people can use this too, so I set out to do the same for as many people as I can. And Morning Msg started!